How the
Program Works...

We offer live calves for sale to our friends and family. The calves that we offer are naturally grown and raised on grass.

No hormones are used during the raising of the live calves as well as no injected antibiotics. We provide open space and plenty of water and grass for them while they are here.

We try to grow our calves to weigh between 700 and 900 pounds when sold. This provides for a lean and tender calf.

We also provide an additional service for our customers.
We call this service... "From Our Farm To Your Freezer, Naturally Fresh"...
For an administrative and shipping fee we will assist you in making any and all decisions concerning processing your calf. From what cuts to request to how thick to request them, we will be with you every step of the way; then on your behalf we will:

1) Process Your Calf - delivering your calf to the processor, work with the processor to ensure your requests are made, ensure your beef is aged accordingly

2) Place Your Calf In Your Freezer - directly from the process pre packaged, providing a detailed analyses of how your calf processed, what cuts your received and what amounts of each cut were created

3) Follow up with you - under The Naturally Fresh Program, we will be following through with you after delivery of your calf. We will be asking how everything is and ensuring you are satisfied. Only then will you be invoiced for your calf.

4) And... if for any reason you are not satisfied we will remedy the situation or fully refund any money paid. Our guarantee! We desire a friend first, and a customer second.

Quality Standards

At the Creek, we adhere to the USDA Marketing Standards for grass fed beef and naturally raised beef as outlined in Federal Register volume 72, number 199 dated Tuesday October 16, 2009; and in Federal Register volume 74, number 12 dated Wednesday January 21, 2009.


To Place An Order

To place and order or to ask questions, please feel free to call or email us at any time on the creek. Our phone number is (270) 834-1250, and our email address is